Racing Games

Are you feeling the need for speed? Then our racing games can satisfy that need for you. Outwit your competitors as you balance speed and control to cross the finish line first. Can you prove yourself to be the fastest and most skilled driver on the track? To select a game, click one of the pictures below and the game will start.

Racing games require a combination of driving skill, expert control, daring speed and well executed timing. If you can get those things right, then you might stand a chance of beating the competition and crossing the finish line first. In our racing games you will have the chance to prove just how talented you really are behind the wheel of a fast car.

If you manage to be the first racer to speed across the finish line you win and get the rewards that come with that. You can win trophies, money and use your success to unlock new car upgrades, tougher opponents and more challenging racetracks to prove yourself even further. Just make sure you have the control of all champion racers or else you might wipe out!

If you’ve got what it takes then get stuck in to our racing games today for all the free fun you can handle.

If you like our racing games then remember to check back here regularly. We will continue to add more games to the collection as we come across them. In the meantime if you want more action, please check out our bike games, truck games and parking games.