Racing Games

Our racing games are perfect if you love speed, excitement and competition. Choose from one of our race games below if you are ready to put the pedal to the metal.

Car racing games are all about speed. You need to be the first one across the finish line and leave the other racers behind eating your dust and breathing in burnt rubber. Racing games require a combination of precise driving skill, intense daring speed, incredible timing and outstanding control. If you can combine the lot then you have a great chance of coming first and claiming your place at the top of the podium.

Most of our race games are about being the fastest. This will either be focussing on beating the other racers who are on the track with you or crossing a checkpoint in the race before time runs out. In the games with time limits, your score may be boosted by collection specific items along the way whilst avoiding others, or it might be purely based on getting to the next checkpoint as quickly as possible.

In the racing games with other racers you just need to be quicker than anyone else on the track by going fast and not spinning out. Some of these games even combine racing with combat. In these car racing games it doesn’t matter so much if you are the faster or not so long as you know how to fight dirty. Throughout the track you’ll be able to find weapons and other upgrades to give yourself the advantage and assault the other racers as you beat them to victory.

If you are the first racer across the finish line then you get to celebrate on the podium and collect your rewards. Depending on the type of racing game the reward will differ. The rewards is usually a combination of unlocking new tracks, getting access to new and faster cars, gaining trophies for your trophy cabinet or earning money to use on upgrading various parts of your car. All these combine allow you to prepare for the tougher opponents that are waiting for you in future races.

Whatever kind of racing car games you are after, we have the game to suit you. Our free racing games cover all of the different professional racing including Formula 1, NASCAR and Rally, as well as non professional racing like street racing, escaping from zombies and futuristic racing games. We even have monster truck and bike racing games for when you want to take a break from your car.

If you have the need for speed then get ready to be satisfied as you choose from some of the best racing games available on the internet!