Parking Games

Parking games test your ability to manoeuvre your car through tight spaces without smashing while you drive towards you parking space. To select from one of our car parking games, click on an image below.

Parking games are all about precision driving. To win in these games you must avoid obstacles and other cars and park your car as perfectly as possible in the required car space. Usually there is a timer you need to beat adding to the pressure of the situation as you try to beat the clock and park as quickly as possible.

Car parking games test how well you can handle your car by forcing you to squeeze through tight gaps and time your moves on the way to your parking spot. This is achieved by filling the parking lot with poorly parked cars and other obstacles and punishing you heavily if you damage your car.

Depending on the type of parking game you are playing you may be allowed to crash before the game ends. Some games give you lives so you can crash your car 3 times before it is game over. Other games finish as soon as you crash your car. Some even tally up how much it will cost to fix you car and tally this up to subtract if from your score once you have parked, or end the game once you have damaged your car so much that it can’t move.

Apart from avoiding collisions, you will also need to be precise as many as these car parking games score you on how perfectly you can park your car in the specified spot.

Unlike other games on this website,  parking games only have you competing against the clock. There are no other cars trying to beat you to the finish line, although some might try to make you crash.  Mainly though, you are in control relying on your quick reflexes to avoid crashing and your precise control to see you safely to the parking space.

These games also feature a timer meaning an element of speed is involved. Often the faster you complete a level the better your score will be. Despite this, the focus of parking car games is firmly on control. Avoiding damage to your car and being precise in your parking are the most important factors because, while going a little slower may give you a worse score, damage to your car is penalised much heavier. Basing your score of how accurate you can park and how little damage you take reinforces the focus on precision and handling.

If you find cars are just a bit too small for you to be challenging, we also have bus parking games and truck parking games. These games put you behind the wheel of much bigger vehicles and make the challenge of getting through tight spaces even more difficult, especially as buses and trucks are often harder to handle than cars.

Avoid crashing, get to your parking spot fast and park perfectly to get the possible possible score and unlock new and harder levels as you become a master parker in our car parking games.