Bike Games

Bike games offer the excitement of racing games with the thrills that you can only get when speeding down the road on two wheels feeling the wind through your hair. It doesn’t matter whether you are a BMX bandit, a fan of Harley Davidsons, or an off-road dirt biker, one of our motorbike games will suit you. Select one of our cool bike games below to start.

Bike games have all the characteristics of car games, but without the safety of a seatbelt! Motorbike games give you the chance to show off how fast you are willing to go, what daredevil stunts and tricks you can pull off while racing and how much precision you have when handling your bike at high speeds.

The motorcycle games featured here are for thrill seekers who like to take things to the extreme, so make sure you grab your helmet before you get started. We have dirt bike games for those who love to go off road and get dirty, motorcycle games for fans of Harvey Davidson’s and those who like to keep it on-road and bmx games for those who prefer to do the pedalling themselves.

Our bike racing games are also featured here rather than in the racing games section. This is to keep all our bike games together and separate them out from the car games and monster truck games we have. Our games can roughly be broken down into two categories, bike racing games and motorbike games where you must collect objects while doing tricks, avoiding obstacles and trying not to crash.

In bike racing games you must be the first across the finish line by out speeding and outmanoeuvring the other racers. Often, winning the race gives you more to spend on upgrades and unlocks more challenging tracks to race on. Other games are more action packed and feature power ups that give you an advantage over your opponent. These are things like weapons to destroy your opponents or upgrades that give you a temporary speed boost. Since you are on motorbikes, you can also perform tricks that may give you additional points, so make sure to show off on andget to the finish line in style.

Our other motorbike games may have a clock, but most don’t judge you on being the fastest. They judge you on the tricks you can pull off, and the amount of objects you can collect as you guide your bike through various obstacles, cliffs and hills. These games require skill more than anything, but speed is definitely a bonus. Just make sure you don’t crash as this is usually game over.  The games where tricks and flair count for more than anything are known as stunt bike games.

We also have task orientated bike games that place you in a race against the clock rather than a direct opponent. They games give you an objective, such as the pizza guy where you take the role of a pizza delivery driver and need to speed around town delivering as many pizzas as possible before time runs out.

With the variety of bike games we have to offer it doesn’t matter whether you love motor or pedal power, racing or extreme sports, dirt bike games or being on the highway, you’ll find a game that’ll give you hours of entertainment.