Airplane Games

Take to the sky in our collection of airplane games. The ultimate freedom comes from flying so choose one of our plane games below and reach speeds that aren’t possible on the ground.

Airplane games give you the opportunity to explore the endless skies. Some even give you the opportunity to shoot others out of it. The key to plane games is control, you aren’t just moving through forward, back, left and right like others games, you are in control of your altitude and can go in any direction that you want. This means there are a whole lot of new dangers you need to avoid.

There are many different types of airplanes games. Some place you in the middle of a warzone engaged with other fighter planes trying to shoot you out of the sky. These games require speed, awareness and accuracy as you outmanoeuvre your opponents, avoid their fire and ultimate destroy them before they can destroy you. Not only is there the threat of enemy fire, but in all the excitement of avoiding fire you need to make sure you keep control of your plane and don’t end up crashing it yourself. These games takes place as far back as World War I all the way to the modern era, so we have fighter jet games with the lastest technology available as well as those that give you a glimpse of the past.

Apart from the combat aeroplane games, there are also plenty of flying games that are a lot more peaceful.  Some of the games featured here are racing plane games where you must beat the other planes to the finish line. Some of these games have you racing against the clock rather than actual opponents. For these games, you must get to a checkpoint before time runs out or perform stunts and fly through obstacles in order to get the highest score.

There are also helicopter games that put you on rescue missions such as rescuing people lost at see or trapped in buildings that are on fire. These require you to have great flying skills and the vision to spot those who need to be rescued. These games give you are greater score based on how many people you can rescue and other items you can collect.  Successful missions give you the ability to upgrade your chopper in order to save more people.

Our final type of airplane game takes place at the airport. These games put you in the role of an air traffic controller where you must ensure the smooth running of the airport. In order to achieve this you must guide planes along their correct flight plans and only allow them to take off and land when you are sure they won’t crash into another plane. Any miscalculation here will lead to disaster so make sure you concentrate.

Whether you like aeroplane games, jet games or helicopter games our collection of flying games will have something to entertain you as you speed through the sky, just make sure you have the skills to land again in one piece.